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Usafe Intelligent New Products



General View

This product composed of photoelectric smoke sensor and NTC heat sensor.It provides not only features of point photoelectric smoke detector,but also fixed temperature/rate-of-rise detector,which can reliably response to national standard test fire SH3(PU plastic fire) and SH4(n-heptane fire).The detector can also detec naked flame generated by alcohol burning and make alarms.It's applicable to indoor detecting circumstances,such as stores,houses,hotels,warehouses,etc.
Technical specification
Input VoltageDC9-28V
Static Current50±5uA(at DC24V) 
Alarm Current65±5mA(at DC24V)
Operating Humidity10%-95%RH
Operating Temperature-10°C - +85°C
Alarm ResetPower off reset(Power off reset≤0.5s optional)
Alarm TemperatureFixed Temp.: 57°C/137F    Rate-of-rise: 8-15°C/Min  
Anti-wind capacity20m/s(No false alarm)
Max.Ripple Voltage 30%(Peak-to-peak value)
Max.Electrify Capacitance0.03uF    
Detecting Sensitivity(Response threshold)m=0.15±0.03dB/m  
Detecting Sensitivity60m²(with 4 meter height)

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