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Product NameStandalone Smoke Detector

Model No.YA-S826

DescriptionStand Alone Smoke Detector, with 9V battery operated, loud alarm sound

Product parameters



• Unique optical smoke chamber with high stability
• Adapts CMOS with low power consumption
• High adaptability to the ambient with dustproof,
  moistureproof, anti-white light and high EMI immunity 
• Orientation differences: maximum: minimum <1.6
• Sound and flash alarm, low voltage indication
• Manual test, auto-reset function
• Unique bracket design, easy installation  


 Input Voltage9V battery (6F22)
 Static Current≤10uA 
 Alarm Current≤15mA 
 Operating Humidity≤95% RH 
 Operating Temperature-10 - 50°C
 Alarm OutputSound & flash alarm
 LED IndicationDetecting: red LED flash                Alarm: red LED on  
 Detecting Sensitivitym=0.18±0.03dB/m
 Alarm Sound Level≥90dB/m
 Detecting Area60m² (with 4 meter height)   



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