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Product Name10 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel

Model No.YA-CCP100-10

DescriptionConventional Fire Alarm Control Panel, 2-10 Zones

Product parameters

CCP100-10  R.jpg


External (key-switch operated):

Reset/resound/test zone lamps evacuate      Silence alarm sounders      Silence fault sounders


One man detector test      Zone isolate      Revert to short-circuit: fire (no resistors in call points)

External indicators:

Sounder fault      Battery/power supply fault      Mains on      Zone fire      Zone fault

Internal indicators:

Open circuit zone fault      Short circuit zone fault      Zone isolated      Engineer test selected


Two sounder circuits (alarm relay contacts can be obtained by connecting a relay to a sounder circuit)

Ancillary connections for expansion modules will allow the following:

Repeater panels      Multiple sounder outputs      Connection to landlord panel



2 (0.8A supply)4 / 6 (1.5A supply)8/10
(4.0A supply)
Power specifications   
Mains supply voltage230±10%V AC, 50/60Hz230±10%V AC, 50/60Hz230±10%V AC
Internal power supply27V DC27V DC27V DC
Total output current limited to800mA at 240V AC1500mA at 240V AC4000mA at 240V AC
Auxiliary power output27V DC27V DC27V DC
Mains supply monitored for failureYesYesYes
Battery charger monitored for failureYesYesYes
Batteries monitored for disconnection and failureYesYesYes
Enclosure (width x height x depth)415 x 265 x 100mm415 x 265 x 100mm415 x 265 x 100mm
Weight (without batteries)4300g4300g4300g

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